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Silkworm pupa subcritical extaction

The protein content of silkworm pupa is more than 50%, the crude fat is about 30%, and the prospect of developing and utilizing silkworm pupa resources is considerable. Subcritical extraction of silkworm pupa process is as follows.

1. Pre-treatment

Fresh silkworm pupa → drying → flaking → to extraction

2. Subcritical extraction

Extracted meal residual oil 1.2% or less.


3. Refining

Silkworm pupa crude oil → hydration alkali refining → dehydration → finished oil

After deacidification and dehydration, the silkworm pupa oil becomes golden yellow oily liquid, which can be widely used in medicine, skin care and beauty industry. After degreasing, the protein of silkworm pupa can be directly made into capsules or enzymatically dissolved into peptide, which is more favorable to the digestion and absorption of human body.

Henan subcritical uses 8m³ extraction tank subcritical pilot demonstration line, carried out more than 20 tons of silkworm pupa extraction pilot, reached the expected results. Welcome to visit us for machines or material processing!


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