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Application of Subcritical Extraction Technology in Animal Bone

In the field of modern food and biotechnology, subcritical extraction technology is gradually becoming a universal, efficient and environmentally friendly extraction method. In this blog, we will discuss the application of subcritical extraction technology in chicken bone, cow bone, pig bone and other materials, including the process and advantages of extracting oil and protein.

Subcritical extraction is an extraction technique in which the solvent is carried out under conditions higher than its boiling point but lower than its critical point. Compared with traditional solvent extraction methods, subcritical extraction is characterized by low temperature, low pressure and high efficiency. For raw materials rich in fat and protein such as chicken bone, cow bone and pig bone, subcritical extraction can effectively extract the active ingredients.


First of all, let’s see the process of oil extraction by subcritical extraction. The raw materials such as chicken bone, cow bone and pig bone are crushed and put into the subcritical extraction equipment. Under proper temperature and pressure, extraction is carried out using suitable solvents (e.g. propane, butane, etc.). The solvent dissolves and brings out the oils and fats in the bones by contacting them. After separation and refining, a high quality bone oil is obtained.

The advantage of this type of oil extraction is that the nutrients in the raw material can be retained to a greater extent, while avoiding the effect of high temperature processing on the quality of the oil. The extracted bone oil can be used in food processing, cosmetic manufacturing and other fields, with a wide range of application prospects.

Meanwhile, the proteins in chicken bone, cow bone and pig bone obtained after subcritical extraction have high purity and bioactivity, which can be applied to food supplements, feed additives and other fields.

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Compared with traditional extraction methods, subcritical extraction technology has several advantages. It can be carried out at lower temperatures, reducing the destruction of heat-sensitive components. At the same time, the choice of solvents is more environmentally friendly, reducing the pollution of the environment. In addition, subcritical extraction technology is characterized by fast extraction speed and high efficiency, which can realize large-scale industrialized production.

Overall, the application of subcritical extraction technology in the field of chicken bone, cow bone and pig bone demonstrates its great potential in the extraction of fats and proteins. This technology not only provides new development opportunities for the food and biotechnology industries, but also contributes to the comprehensive utilization of resources and sustainable development. With the in-depth research and application promotion of this technology, it is believed that subcritical extraction will play an important role in more fields and bring more benefits to people's life.


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