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Subcritical Extraction of Yellow Mealworm Oil and Protein

The yellow mealworm is a resourceful insect, and its body is rich in oil and protein. As a new extraction method, subcritical extraction technology has the advantages of low temperature extraction, high yield and environmental protection. In this blog, we will discuss the process, advantages and application prospects of subcritical extraction of oil and protein from yellow mealworm.

First, the process of subcritical extraction of yellow mealworm oil and protein.

Subcritical extraction technology is the extraction process below the critical temperature of the solvent and under a certain pressure. The raw material of yellow mealworm is pre-treated and put into the subcritical extraction equipment. By controlling the parameters of temperature, pressure and solvent type, the solvent can fully contact with the oil and protein in the yellow mealworm to realize effective extraction.

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Second, the advantages of subcritical extraction. 

1. High efficiency: subcritical extraction technology can effectively extract the oils and proteins in the yellow mealworm and improve the production efficiency.

2. quality preservation: the technology can retain the nutrients and biological activity of the oil and protein of the yellow mealworm to a larger extent, ensuring product quality.

3. Environmental friendliness: Compared with the traditional extraction methods, the solvents used in the subcritical extraction process are environmentally friendly and reduce the pollution to the environment.

4. Selectivity: By adjusting the extraction conditions, selective extraction of the oil and protein of the yellow mealworm can be realized, which improves the purity and added value of the products.

5. Low cost: Compared with supercritical extraction technology, the investment is small, the production cost is low, and it is easy to realize large-scale production.

Third, application Prospects

1. Food field: In many countries, yellow mealworm oil and protein can be used as edible oil and protein resources, widely used in food processing industry, such as functional food.

2. Cosmetic field: yellow mealworm oil is rich in VE, flavonoids, polyphenols, etc.

3. Feed field: the extracted protein of yellow mealworm can be used as high protein feed additives to improve the nutritional value of feed.

4. chemical field: yellow mealworm oil has certain chemical properties, can be used to produce lubricants, surfactants and other chemical products.

5. Pharmaceutical field: some active ingredients in the oil and protein of yellow mealworm can play an important role in pharmaceutical research and development.

Fourth, conclusion

Subcritical extraction technology has a broad application prospect in the extraction of yellow mealworm oil and protein. However, in order to realize the wide application of this technology, it is necessary to further strengthen the research and development work, optimize the extraction process, and improve the product quality and stability. At the same time, active marketing and publicity should be carried out to improve consumer awareness and acceptance of subcritical extracted yellow mealworm products. It is believed that with the continuous progress of technology and the continuous development of the market, subcritical extraction of yellow mealworm oil and protein will become an industry with important economic and social value.


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